Hunting and Fishing in Babia

The hunting of this wonderful animal such as the Cantabrian chamois in Babia, takes place in the port of Ventana located in the Cantabrian Mountains at an altitude of 1,586 meters. The chamois is found in the steepest areas of limestone that characterize these mountains. The valleys are protected by peaks that exceed 2,000 meters. The best time for hunting the chamois is late October to early November.

León is the Spanish province with more trucheros rivers and Babia has one of them, the extraordinary river Moon, which runs through the valley. The Luna River and the Torrestío are united, and at the beginning, in the high zone there are calm waters that have a lot of trout.

The Luna River goes down along the road and there we can also find the table of “Las Cuevas”, with abundant trout and good weight. In turn, the two banks of the river are full of poplars with leafy leaves that give shade to the fisherman.

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